Team sharing and collaboration for Google Drive

Are you frustrated with keeping track of the files, documents and information your team is creating? Managing and sharing this content often results in a jumbled mess of shared folders, chats, and emails.

Indo eliminates the clutter and lets you focus on relevant information and documents.

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Share Easilyshare files and information with the right people

Don't bury important information in an endless chain of chats or a series of emails that get lost in the noise of your inbox. Share the right things with the right people inside Indo.

Focus And Discusshave the right conversations

Start threaded conversations about files and information you have shared to keep the conversation meaningful and focused.

Get Connectedfollow team members and create collaboration spaces

Indo is about connecting with your team and sharing relevant files and information. Connecting is easy: follow the people you work with and create spaces for groups, projects, and topics you are working on.