Indo makes team collaboration with Google Drive easy. Cut down on the endless chatter in your team and focus on what's relevant.

Get work done, together

Spaces help you keep your work organized and discussions focused. Create a space for a group, project, or topic, add the right people to it, and get started.

groups screenshot

Share the right things

Start discussions and share files and images, either with a specific space or your entire team.

discuss screenshot

Grow the conversation

Grow discussions with threaded conversations, keeping collaboration focused on the task at hand.

conversation screenshot

Don't miss a thing

With feeds, you can see everything going on that's important to you.

feed screenshot

Stay connected

Even if you don't have Indo open, you can get notifications about important changes in your network.

notifications screenshot

Find it all

Search everywhere for everything. It's easy to find what you are looking for.

search screenshot

Indo is free for up to 10 users. In addition to the features offered in the free tier of services, additional features are available to premium tier accounts including:

Unlisted Spaces
In addition to public and private spaces, unlisted groups allow you to hide spaces from all lists. Only members of unlisted spaces will know about them.
Private Space Workflow
Allow users to ask for membership in private spaces.
Users will receive relevant recommendations based on the spaces they are in and people they are following.
Special Deletes
Users can delete posts to their wall made by other users as well as comments by other users on their posts.

Pinned Posts
Pin a post to the top of space or personal feeds for announcements, instructions or whatever you want.
Quick Document Creation
Create a new document directly from a space. This new document will be shared and added automatically to Drive.
Notifications List
Users can see a list of their most recent notifications at the top right corner of your screen. Clicking a notification will take them directly to the specific content.
Share Images
Share multiple photos in one post and have them automatically added to Google Drive.