Various Kinds of Ecommerce Business Models

For that, you need to learn in advance about the e-commerce business model that you will choose later. Well, there are various classifications of ecommerce business models and examples which of course have different functions, see the following:

Business to Business (B2B)

The first e-commerce business model is Business to Business which is one of the largest businesses by covering various transactions made between companies or types of businesses.

is one of the best transaction. Both electronically and also services. This is because a group is running a business and not individual consumers.

In addition, companies with this e-commerce business model will usually offer things that are not far from business inventories, such as office equipment, factory machinery and others.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Next there is a business model named, is the most common form of business, why? The reason is because the company sells goods to consumers and users.

Of course this is not the same as a business as described above, but this business model does not require any heavy marketing efforts at all.

This is due to the nature of consumers who do not take long to buy something from Business to Customer business.

In addition, this business offers a wide variety of products and services. Starting from basic daily needs to other needs such as fashion, and others.

Examples of companies in Indonesia are Lazada, Tokopedia, and others.

Methods in Ecommerce Business Models

  • Shipping
  • Dropshipping
  • Wholesale
  • D2C (Direct to Consumer)
  • Private Labeling
  • White Labeling
  • Subscription or subscriber


With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, running a business has become easier.

On the other hand, before you run the business, you also have to know what kind of business model you will run later by following the current business development trends.

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